Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Geyser Always true to our principle for excellence in design and continuous advancements, SUPREME today offers high standard solar water heaters. Using the most economic and efficient technologies available we produce hot water from the sun. SUPREME can help you with fitting a solar water heating system to meet your specific needs, allowing you to realize immediate energy cost savings, lock in your long term energy costs, and helping protect our environment. A solar water heater is not just a simple appliance that makes our life easier. We live in "special times". The environment is sounding the alarm. The whole world is looking towards other renewable energy sources. The international outcry is raising consciousness. When the answer is right next to us, should we still be searching for it? Solar water heaters are not a luxury. They are a part of the future. The future we promised our children, today. Supreme Associates Traders supplies the vacuum tube solar water heater. Solar thermal systems are Cost effective and are used for domestic hot water and radiant heating applications. We provide environment friendly, highest quality products. SUPREME , solar Water Heating system consists of evacuated vacuum tube solar collector. Vacuum acts as an excellent insulator, like in thermos flask. While the outside tube feels cool in peak sunshine, temperature reaches upto 200°C in their inner tube. The cold water will getting heat upto 80°C, The heated hot water moves up from the ETC and stored in the insulated water tank due to the decrease of density, the fresh water entered in to the solar collector by thermosyphoning process. The heated water stored in SS with PVC PUF insulated water tank. The hot water stored in the tank will be have retention for three days.


DesignVaccum Tubes Solar Design
Manifold (Interior)Red Copper
Manifold (Exterior)Aluminium Alloy
Tube Dimensions58mm x 1.8m / 47mm x 1.5m
Heat Preservation72 Hours
Hail Resistance25mm
Max Pressure6 bars
Coating of vaccum tubeSS-C/CU
Heat PipeAnti-freezing > -35 degree
Outer TankSteel (0.4mm)
Inner TankFood Grade Stainless Steel
FrameStainless Steel 1.2mm
Tank Capacity200 - 400 lt.
Vaccum Tubes16 - 36 tubes