NilFisk Power Washer

Nilfisk is Denmark Based multinational company, The Nilfisk vacuum cleaner was invented by P. A. Fisker in 1910. Cleaning has long been regarded as physically hard work. We scrub and brush on all fours, but the question is whether we really get things clean. Around the middle of the last century, the upholstery vacuum cleaner was the height of luxury, whilst high pressure washers were still unheard of.

Since then, things have changed a lot. Cleaning work has changed radically, thanks to cleaning equipment becoming more e cient and ergonomic. In fact, it can actually be quite cool to clean nowadays - at least if you have equipment which is easy to use and which avoids strain. That's what we can o er. (And quite right too, we have been developing and manufacturing cleaning machinery for 100 years).

Our range includes ordinary vacuum cleaners, central vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers and steam cleaners, plus a wealth of accessories to make cleaning even easier and a little quieter.

Unique Features

Nilfisk Power Washer Metal Pump : The heart of the machine – long lasting high quality-Metal Pump!
Telescopic Handle : Just push the button. The telescopic handle makes storage of the machine even more convenient Standard on all Excellent models.
Click & Clean : Unique nozzle concept which makes it easy to change between all the different accessories without use of tools.
Quick Coupling : Our coupling system includes anti-twist swivel function, ensuring fast and easy handling of hose without any hazzle
Soft Grip : Higher working comfort with the Soft Grip. Standard on all Excellent models.
Small and simple high pressure washers - easy to handle and store

Product Facts

This high pressure washer is for everyone who takes pleasure in a basic cleaning task well done. The low weight makes it easy to handle and it is just as easy to stow away. For all types of low frequency cleaning tasks and also very suitable as an additional unit. Perfect for cleaning small portico.

The C 100.5 is for typical domestic cleaning tasks like cleaning of flagstones, stairways, vehicles with a moderate use. Furthermore, when you buy a C 100.5, it is almost ready for use - you only have to attach the hose.

  • CLICK & CLEAN (C&C) nozzle system ensure quick and easy change of nozzle.
  • Reliable aluminium pump.
  • Automatic start/stop.
  • Compact makes it easy to store.
  • Upright standing.
  • Light weight makes it easy to carry.
  • Easy to handle and operate.
  • PC models include a Compact Patio cleaner