Kitchen Chimenys

The traditional way of purifying the air of the kitchen is by exhaust fans. The exhaust fan is not sufficient in the present time where air pollution matters a lot. We recommend using chimney because the exhaust fan can only exhaust the smoke but the carbon particles, the oil and heavy complicated gaseous molecules still remains in the air and falls in the food which are quite harmful. Today we live in polluted environment in which 6% is kitchen pollution. Diseases like asthma, lungs cancer, throat ulcer, TB, headache, retina trouble and different skin diseases are the result of inhaling these gases day by day. Supreme chimney sucks all the oil, smoke, spices etc. generated during cooking. The oil gets trapped into the modular filters/ oil collector cups and the odor/smoke is thrown out from your kitchen and keeps your family healthy years after years.

Supreme Associates Traders supplies you the best electric kitchen Chimneys, you can select your choice of Electric Chimney from wide range of our products like Oil Collector, Autoclean, Range hood, Cooker hood, Glass hood, LCD Glass hood, etc as per your need and available space.

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